Class of ‘67                                        October 2015                                  

Dear Classmates,

I hope this newsletter finds each of you in good health and great spirits.   Father Time and Mother Nature continue to march along.   We are thankful that Jane continues to be cancer free.   We try to walk and exercise as much as we can.   One of our biggest joys is the time spent playing with our grandchildren and watching their personalities develop.   They can say and do  the cutest things, can’t they!   Then when needed, we can pass them back to their parents.   Hugs and prayers go out to each and everyone.  Our 50th class reunion is not far off!

I would like to recognize our scholarship recipients for this past school year.   Taylor Atkins is our winner.   Our scholarship was given in memory of English Teacher Esther Wellons.   The winner for the class of ’88 is Callie Kunath.  The class of ’89 did not award a scholarship this year.   We have now awarded over $22,000 in scholarships!  Thank you!  We sponsored our 3rd annual Central Alumni 5K Run/Walk on April the 25th, 2015.   Our theme was a tribute to former and current teachers, facility and staff at Central.   We had a great turn out with 6 teachers that were at Central in 1966!    We also had a great class participation in the race.  Nancy and Chippie had the group over after the race!  It is like a mini reunion.  We had great coverage by the Kenbridge - Victoria Dispatch and the Blackstone Courier Record.  Plans are under way for next year’s race.  We are still working on the date – either Sat April 23 or 30th.    The theme for the 4th annual event will be Star Wars in an effort to get more participation of the High School, Middle School and Elementary School students.  We will be raffling off related items.  We are getting more volunteers and sponsors for the event.   The objective is 2 fold – raise $‘s for our Foundation and to raise the awareness of our Foundation.   Check out the pictures on our web site - Central of Lunenburg Alumni Scholarship Foundation.  Click on Central Alumni 5K Run/Walk 2015.

Treasurer report from Gene Hart: As of 10-28-14 we had $7,835 in our checking account and our Vanguard Windsor fund is valued at $15,100 which is a healthy increase.  We are still a ways from our long term goal of $100,000 but we are getting closer to establishing our endowment fund.  The class of ‘88 had a balance of $1,038 in their checking and the class of ‘89 had a balance of $4,612.    

Our goal for our annual campaign drive is to raise $2,000 by November 30th.   Every $5 or $10 will be very important.  Remember contributions are tax deductible.   Thank you for your participation and support.    Send checks to Gene Hart at 2570 Sandy Lane, Victoria, VA   23974.   Make checks payable to C of L Alumni Scholarship Foundation.   Put for the class ’67 scholarship.        

Venassia Günter continues to spearhead the class of ‘89 efforts while Scott Wingfield has been the contact for the class of ‘88.  

Central is 6 - 3 with wins over Altavista, Randolph Henry, Prince Edward, Nottoway and Bluestone.   The 3 losses are to Goochland, Buckingham, and Campbell.  The remaining game in the regular season is with Cumberland.   Central is averaging 34.4points per game!

Warm wishes for the holiday season ahead and for the coming year.   I want to see EVERYONE at the 4th annual Alumni 5K Run/Walk in late April 2016.


Al  (new email address) 423-367-4818  cell