Funding Structure for your scholarship



There are basically 2 approaches a class can take:


1.        Collect funds each year and award most of the funds as your class scholarship.


2.        Establish an investment fund where each year the money that you raised is placed into your investment fund.†† Then each year take the earnings from the investment fund to sue to award your scholarship.


We greatly encourage the second approach as this approach will not only grow but will also live on long after your classmates have passed away.††† This type of funding is referred to as an endowment.


The class of 1967 chose to invest with the Vanguard Groupís Windsor Mutual Fund. This is a conservative long establish mutual fund.††† It has been doing very well over the past almost 50 years with a 12.54% return since inception.


Each new class will have its own separate bank account and separate investment fund.†† Each class will have reporting responsibilities to the board of directors.


The class of 1967 scholarship amounts have progressed as follows:


2003†† $300††††† appx 10% of contributions

2004††† 500††††††† appx 10% of on hand contributions

2005††† 700††††††† appx earnings

2006†† 1000††††††† appx earnings

2007†† 1250††††††† appx earnings