Start up story of the Foundation and the Class of 1967 Scholarship



We began to organize the Foundation in August of 2002 as part of our 35th Year Class Reunion. A presentation was made and a vote taken to form the Foundation. At this time a name had not been selected. We had a small auction and asked for contributions, initially raising approximately $1400. A newsletter was sent in the fall to all classmates notifying them of foundation activities and requesting more contributions.†† This raised our total contributions to slightly over $3000.†††††


A slate of five officers was drafted, voted upon and elected before year-end. Two of our board members are prominent local residents, Nancy Snead Chappell and Gene Hart. One of our members, David Arthur, recently returned to Lunenburg County. He was familiar with constitutions and bylaws and drafted a constitution and bylaws for the foundation. The necessary papers were eventually filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia to grant our charter. It took approximately a year working with the IRS to receive our ruling as a charitable organization (501(c)(3)).


The principal at Central, C. B. Haskins, was contacted to advise him of our efforts and to request his support.Arvin Bell, director of the guidance department was also consulted; both he and Mr. Haskins were instrumental in assisting with this endeavor.


A group of ten classmates developed the criteria which the guidance office would use in selecting an individual to receive our scholarship. Tank Wilson, Benchmark Community Bank, assisted in establishing the account at no charge due to our nonprofit status.††


In the spring of 2003, the foundation notified Central that a $300 scholarship was available for a deserving graduate. Although a small dollar amount, it represented quite a step forward and a promise of things to come.


Each year we distribute a newsletter to inform classmates about Foundation activities, ask for annual contributions and announce scholarship recipients.We have been raising between $1500 and $3000 a year. Our scholarships have grown from $300 in 2003 to $500 in 2004, $700 in 2005, $1000 in 2006, $1250 in 2007, $1000 in 2008, $1250 in 2009, and $1000 in 2010. The class of Ď67 is proud of this accomplishment! Most of the reserve funds have been invested in the Vanguard Groupís Windsor Mutual Fund.


After the death of a dear classmate in the fall of 2005, a decision was made to present a scholarship in his memory. Scholarships will be presented in memory of other deceased classmates in the future. We are also in the process of establishing criteria to honor special teachers.


It is now time to invite other classes to join in our efforts.Each graduating class is encouraged to establish scholarships and we are available to assist in structuring the scholarship they sponsor. The long term goal for the Class of 1967 is to establish an endowment fund of $100,000 and for each graduating class at Central to establish an endowment fund in their name within ten years of their graduation. This will indeed have a profound and lasting impact for graduating seniors at Central.


We are grateful for the education we received in Lunenburg County. It is our goal to help graduating seniors continue their education and to recognize the efforts of our teachers. We have been blessed by their dedication and commitment to our education.



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† In Gratitude,


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